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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Victory and Excellent

Victory with Excellent fights

Second fight with Victory

I was fighting with higher Tanks using my German Tank

Saturday, June 6, 2015

World of Tanks Blitz - German Tanks

Here are my current Tanks from Germany Nations which I like to use then other tanks. For me it was nice and good in combat about German tanks, strong and tough by defend and attacking. Using my Adroids cellphone it was great and nice game online. It is also from WARGAMING company that Origin from World of Tanks A games which you take fun in all time. Lets meet there see you there and good luck to the game.


Pz. 35 (t)


Pz. 38 nA


D.W. 2

VK 30.01 H

Marder II

Friday, June 5, 2015

World of Tanks Blitz IOS and ANDROID

World of Blitz

Here we go, World of Tanks Blitz Edition for IOS and Android yeah I have an account to this game online which created from World of Tanks  I will post my all staff here about this game that I choose Germany country that they have good tanks as what I think a tough Tanks in all times.

I have Tier 1 to Tier V right now and going to have and wishing that I will have my Tier 10 soon. As for now have keep 2m for my money in this games just to wait events that all items will be buy in cheap prize. what are you waiting for, come and join us this game it's lots of fun and enjoy this game.